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I ran 2 and 3 page ads in the biggest magazines promoting my
CD projects that were distributed by major distributors and
when they closed due to the industy changes and other
companies going bankrupt and not able to pay them I got a
deal direct with the major record chain stores.
I ran these ads in hundreds of magazines
during the time when CDS we still relavant.
I releaased CDs with exclusive songs
by the most popular artists at the time.
These ads were in
The Source, XXL, Lowrider, Murder Dog, Rap Pages,
Rap Sheet, Explosive, Pulse, Mixer,
Massive, Lotus, Rockpile, Rag, and many more.
I created my own magazines which were distributed
into the record chain stores, wheel boxes from
the big wheel manufacturers, clothing bags in
clothing chains, boxes of car stereos and amp
manufacturers and many more places worldwide.
I stopped printng my magazines in
2006 when I released my final CD releases.
I became a label / artist to iTunes
and did digital distribution deals
with other companies including my still existing
deals and utilize my 2 deals with The Orchard
which is now fully owned by Sony Music Company.
The song playing in the back is mine -
created by me with NO samples or loops!
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