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Hear Whitney calling you without looking at your phone!

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Taken over by the girls in the 1970s, has virtually zero testosterone at this point. Whitney Moore Young, Jr., American civil rights activist Whitney Mercilus, American NFL football player Whitney Willard Straight, American racing driver, aviator, and businessman Eli Whitney, American inventor Whitney Conway Ellsworth, character on TV's "Deadwood" Yesterday's sensation that rose with the popularity of Whitney Houston. Whitney Elizabeth Houston, American pop singer and actress Whitney Cummings, American comedienne and actress Whitney Eve Port, American reality TV personality and fashion designer Whitney Renee Duncan, American country music singer Whitney Blake (born Nancy Ann Whitney), American actress Whitney Able, American actress Whitney Lynn Hedgepeth, American Olympic swimmer Whitney Thompson, American model, winner of "America's Next Top Model" Whitney Hogestyn, daughter of American actor Drake Hogestyn Whitney Elizabeth Engen, American soccer player Whitney Dean, character on British soap "Eastenders" Whitney Russell, character on American soap "Passions" Whitney Greene, character in "Just Listen" by Sarah Dessen Whitney, Gym Leader in the Pokemon video games and anime Dakota Whitney, character in film "The X-Files: I Want To Believe" Whitney Solloway, teen character in Showtime's "The Affair" Whiteney, Witney, Whitni, Whitneigh, WhitnŠ¹, Whittnie, Whitnee, Whitne, Whytne, Whittany, Whitny, Whitnye, Whittaney, Whitnie, Whitnea, Whittney, Whytney