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When Marion Michael Morrison became John Wayne around 1930, his last name took on an air of cowboy cool that lasted about thirty years, but by now it's strictly a dad or even granddad name. Wayne Gretzky, Canadian hockey player Wayne Newton, American singer Wayne Brady, American singer, comedian, and actor Wayne Hardnett, Jr. aka Bone Crusher, American rapper Lil Wayne (born Dwayne Carter Jr.), American rapper Wayne Richard Ferreira, South African tennis player Wayne Rooney, English footballer Wayne Shorter, American jazz saxophonist Wayne Arthurs, Australian tennis player Wayne Hamilton Black, Zimbabwean tennis player Matthew Wayne "Matt" Shepard, American murder victim Wayne Rigsby, character on TV's "The Mentalist" Bruce Wayne aka Batman, superhero Wayne Campbell, main character in "Wayne's World" series Wayne Arnold, oldest boy on TV's "The Wonder Years" Wayne Fields, Emily Fields' father on TV's "Pretty Little Liars" There are apparently more serial killers with the middle name Wayne than any other. Vaino (Finnish)