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Eric -- the all-time most popular Scandinavian boys' name in the U. S. -- peaked in the Ricky Nelson/Rick Springfield period. It was adopted by English speakers in the mid-nineteenth century, who were already familiar with the exploits of the tenth century Viking navigator and discoverer of Greenland, Eric the Red. From the mid-sixties to the late eighties, Eric was on the Top 25 list, and is still at Number 123. Some of its best known bearers: Eric Clapton, Eric Idle, Eric Dane and major characters in The Little Mermaid, True Blood and Friday Night Lights, not to mention Eric Cartman on South Park. Simon Cowell named his first son Eric after his father. Erik is the Old World spelling of Eric, now mega popular in Germany and Sweden. Eric Saade, Swedish Singer Eric William Dane, American actor Eric Patrick Clapton, English musician Eric West, American actor Eric Benet (Jordan), American singer Eric Thomas Decker, American NFL football player (Kenneth) Eric Church, American country singer Eric Scott Melvin, American musician Eric Marlon Bishop, birth name of American actor Jamie Foxx Eric Christian Olsen, American actor Eric Burnell Zentner, American model Eric Thomas Andolsek, American former NFL player Eric Lloyd, American actor, comedian and musician Eric Koston, pro skateboarder Eric Cowell (b. 2014), son of English TV and music producer Simon Cowel Eric Anthony Roberts, American actor Eric Millegan, American actor Eric Henry Liddell, Scottish athlete Eric Trump, son of Donald Trump Eric Hobsbawm, English historian Eric Northman, "True Blood" character Eric, the prince in "The Little Mermaid" Eric Forman, "That '70s Show" character Eric Foreman, "House" character Eric Matthews, "Boy Meets World" character Erik Night, "House of Night" character Eric Van Der Woodsen, Serena's brother on "Gossip Girl" Eric Delko, "CSI: Miami" character Eric Taylor, "Friday Night Lights" lead character Eric Cartman, "South Park" character Eric Brooks, Marvel character Blade Eric "Cat" Chant, main character in "Charmed Life" Eric Weiss, character on TV's "Alias" Eric Bartholomew Beale III, character on TV show "NCIS: Los Angeles" Eric Shellhorn, character in Jenny Nimmo's "The Children of the Red King" series Eric Richard "Bitty" Bittle, character in webcomic "Check, Please!" Arrick, Aerrick, Arik, Rick, Erique, Aerric, Aaric, Erek, Aeric, Rikky, Arick, Erric, Arric, Erick, Eriq, Audrick, Aerricko, Errick, Aric, Errik, Arreck, Aurick, Ricky, Aerick, Eryck Erich (Czech) Eirik (Norwegian) Eriks (Russian) –ôric (French) Eryk (Polish) Eero, Erkki (Finnish) Erik (Scandinavian) Erico (Spanish)