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Assign this ringtone alert to Elvin in your contact list!

Hear Elvin calling you without looking at your phone!

This ringtone alert works with ALL Libraries and Playlists

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iPhone / iPad : Apple Devices
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Retired along with Alvin and Melvin: try Calvin or Gavin instead. Elvin Aliyev, Azerbaijani professional footballer Elvin Bale, world-famous daredevil with Ringling Bros Elvin Beqiri, Albanian footballer Elvin Bethea, former American football defensive end Elvin Bishop, American blues and rock and roll musician and guitarist Elvin J. Cassell, American football coach in the United States Elvin W. Crane, American lawyer and Democratic party politician from New Jersey Elvin Feltner, American film producer, television broadcaster and telecommunications entrepreneur Elvin Hayes, retired American basketball player and radio analyst Elvin R. Heiberg III, United States Army general Elvin Hutchison, American football player and official Elvin Jones, jazz drummer of the post-bop era Elvin A. Kabat, American biomedical scientist Elvin Kaneyev, Russian professional football player Elvin Mammadov, Azerbaijani footballer Elvin McCary, American politician Elvin Mesger, holder of the American Bowling Congress record for 800-or-better series Elvin Ng, actor in the Mediacorp stable in Singapore Elvin Nimrod, politician from the island of Grenada Elvin Papik, 26th head football coach for the Doane College Tigers located in Crete, Nebraska Elvin Penner, Belizean politician Elvin Ramнrez, Major League Baseball pitcher for the Washington Nationals Elvin Santos, Vice President of Honduras 2006–2008 Elvin C. Stakman, American plant pathologist Elvin Yunusov, Azerbaijani football player Elvin Tibideaux, character from "The Cosby Show" Elvin, distributed event routing service using a publish/subscribe event delivery model Elwin, Elvyn, Elwynne, Elven, Elwinn, Elveryn, Elwyn