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Assign this ringtone alert to Elliott in your contact list!

Hear Elliott calling you without looking at your phone!

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While Elliott and Elliot are well-established for boys, parents are now considering both spellings for girls, too. Credit the possibility of nickname Ellie, as well as literary associations with writer George Eliot - born Mary Ann Evans. Dr. Elliott Reid from sitcom Scrubs One of the four perfectly proper spellings of this name ranging from the spare (but poetic) Eliot to the full-blown Elliott. Steven Paul "Elliott" Smith, American singer-songwriter Elliott Gould, American actor Elliott William Barnes Sadler, American NASCAR driver (Efraym) Elliott Yamin, American pop singer Elliott John Tittensor, English actor; twin brother Luke Tittensor Elliott Fitch Shepard, American lawyer, banker and publisher Elliott Cook Carter, American composer Elliott Maddox, American baseball player Elliott James Murphy, American singer-songwriter Elliott De Niro, son of American actor Robert De Niro Elliott, boy in film "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial" George Eliot, pseudonym of female author T. S. Eliot - author and poet Eliot Ness - The Untouchables Solomon Eliot Asch, renowned Polish/American Gestalt psychologist Eliot Spencer, a character on "Leverage"