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Short form of Donald -- or more stylishly, Donahue or Donovan -- that's acquired a new sixties-era suaveness thanks to Mad Man Don Draper. The name also carries a Sopranos or Godfather-style double entendre. Donald Frank "Don" Cheadle, American actor Donald Jay "Don" Rickles, American comedian Jesse Donald "Don" Knotts, American actor/comedian Donnie Wayne "Don" Johnson, American actor Don "Half-Pint" Santos, American singer formerly of R&B group Immature Donald "Don" Tallon, Australian cricketer Donald Allan "Don" Dunstan, Australian politician Donald Francis "Don" Draper, main character on TV's "Mad Men" Donald "Don" Eppes, character on TV's "Numb3rs" Donald has been used for centuries in Scotland, where the Macdonald clan is one of the most ancient and where there have been six early Scottish kings by that name. Donald was a Top 20 name throughout most of the early twentieth century. But first there was the quacking Donald Duck, introduced in 1934, to affect its image, and then there was The Donald Trump, leaving it drained of much baby appeal. Aside from Donald Sutherland, most contemporary real and fictive Donalds go by nicknames--as in Donny Osmond, Donnie Wahlberg, Don Rickles and Don Draper. More promising and more authentically Celtic sounding is Donal, which is quite commonly used in Ireland, or surname cousins Donnelly or Donovan. Donald I-III, Kings of Scots Donald Henry Rumsfeld, 13th and 21st U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Franciszek Tusk, former Prime Minister of Poland; President of the European Council Donald Adeosun Faison, American actor Donald McNichol Sutherland, American actor; father of actor Keifer Sutherland Donald Henry Pleasence, English actor Donald Edmond "Donnie" Wahlberg, American actor Isaac Donald "Don" Everly, American singer-songwriter of The Everly Brothers Donald Driver, American NFL football player Donald Mckinley Glover, American actor Donald "Duck" Dunn, American bass guitarist Donald Frank "Don" Cheadle, American actor Donald Eugene "Don" Gibson, American country music songwriter Donald Cargill, Scottish Covenanter preacher Donald A. Glaser, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics Donald J. Cram, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry Donald Marland Hewlett, English actor Donald Hawkins, American NFL football player Donald George Bradman, Australian cricketer Donald James Yarmy, birth name of Don Adams, American actor Donald Tai Loy "Don" Ho, American pop singer Donald Clark "Don" Kirshner, American music publisher and producer Donald Virgil "Don" Bluth, American animator and director Donald Orlando "Duck" Bailey, American jazz drummer Donald Maynard Brashear, American-Canadian ice hockey player Donald Cortez "Don" Cornelius, American TV host George William "Donald" Crisp, Anglo-American actor Donald Campbell Dewar, 1st Minister of Scotland Donald Allan "Don" Dunstan, 35th Premier of South Australia Donald Clark "Donny" Osmond, American singer and actor Donaldson Toussaint L'Ouverture "Donald" Byrd, American jazz and R&B trumpeter Donald Tsang (Yam-kuen), 2nd Chief Executive of Hong Kong Donald Sterling, American businessman and former basketball team owner Donald James Matthew Blakeslee, American WWII flying ace Donald Ervin Knuth, American computer scientist Donald John Trump, American business magnate, television personality, and author Donald "Don" John Trump Jr., son of Donald Trump Donald Duck, Disney character Donald "Don" Draper, main character on TV's "Mad Men" Detective Donald "Don" Flack Jr., character on TV's "CSI: New York" Donald "Ducky" Mallard, character on TV's "NCIS" Donald Ronald "Donny" Douglas, character on TV's "Frasier" Donald, Capuchin monkey in movie "Zookeeper" Donald "Donnie" Stevens, character on TV's "Even Stevens" Donald "Don" Eppes, main character on TV's "Numb3rs" Donald Ressler, character on TV's "The Blacklist" McDonald's, restaurant chain Donaugh, Donel, Donny, Donnie, Donnell, Donelson, Donnel, Don, Donall, Donal (Irish) Donya, Bogdan, Bohdan (Ukrainian) Domhnall (Gaelic) Donalt (Norwegian) Donaldo (Spanish)