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Hear Barry calling you without looking at your phone!

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This Anglicized form of Bearach or short form of Finbarr predates the Gary-Cary tight black pants/white socks era and , with its Irish roots well hidden, shows no signs of being part of the Gaelic name revival. Modern parents would probably prefer to go with Barrett. Barry Robert Pepper, Canadian actor Barry Morris Goldwater, U.S. Senator from Arizona and presidential candidate Barry Alan Manilow, American pop singer Barry Williams (born Barry William Blenkhorn), American actor Barry Eugene White, American R&B singer Barry Alan Crompton Gibb, British musician of The Bee Gees Barry Lamar Bonds, American baseball player Michael Barrett "Barry" Watson, American actor Barry Adrian Reese aka Cassidy, American rapper Barry Corbin (born Leonard Barrie Corbin), American actor Barry James Marshall, American physician; winner of the Nobel Prize Barry William Zito, American baseball player Barry Hall, Australian rules footballer Barry Mann, American songwriter Barry, childhood nickname of U.S. President Barack Obama Barry "Baz" Dragonsbane, character from TV series "The Worst Witch" Barry Burton, character from the Resident Evil series Barry Barry, character from British TV show Waterloo Road Barry Egan, from movie "Punch-Drunk Love" Barry Plotkin, character from movie "Pushing Tin" Barry Frost, character in the Rizzoli & Isles books by Tess Gerritsen Barry Allen, character from "The Flash" Comics and TV Show Barry, Rival character in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum Barry Maple, Police Officer on TV's "Pretty Little Liars" Barree, Barrey, Baris, Bar, Barrie, Barri, Barry, Bari