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People often ask: Brian – what do you do -  I do a lot!!!

Here's what I do

DJ - mixer, turntablist = cut and scratch the records / songs
I have spun in the big clubs, have been on college and major radio stations doing this

DJ - host / personality / FCC licensed

Remixer – had several deals remixing the hottest records out!

Video Director

Cinematographer / Videographer 


I programmed my own channel on ROKU

Break Dancer / Street / Pop / Lock

Beat Boxer

I write my own original songs - music and lyrics

I make my own beats and create magic

I can't read music so it's all from my insanely creative mind, heart and soul.

I do not use loops or assemble songs – I create them from an empty timeline.

I sing and rap on my songs

I mix the songs down - sound engineer

I master the songs with professional software

I create the artwork

I create the wallpapers and posters

I create the apps - 77 apps on Play Store and growing!

I upload my music thru my iTunes and other distribution accounts for the world to enjoy.

I put the songs on my website as well

I create computer-generated art

I create my own t-shirt and hoodie designs and get then printed
so I have my own personal clothing line that I wear.

Website Builder / Web Architect / Programmer
I designed and built my website not from any templates ... but it’s artwork
I created artwork just for the viewer.
It looks different than most sites as most use templates and are generic.
Mine is an original design by me.

I do my own marketing and SEO

I create amazing marketing strategies and do my own deals.
My legal team - attorneys - handle the legal end and legal guidance so all deals are fair for all parties.

I am a beast – but I shower – so I’m a clean BEAST!!

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