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Platinum Groove Entertainment (PGE) was established in 1995.
The website was created in May 2002 << Click to see

To make things clearly identifiable - was created so anyone who asks what we did - it's very apparant! Platinum Groove Entertainment was a more general name - covering all aspects of entertainment.

Platinum Groove Entertainment (PGE) charted for 5 weeks on Billboard in 1999 with Face Off II (release 502)
June 19, 1999 #15, June 26, 1999 #8, July 3, 1999 #9, July 10, 1999 #11, July 17 1999 #12
>>> Click To See

This unfortunately was in the wrong category or it would have done better. It was hip hop / rap - NOT reggae! However, it was the #1 selling CD from Brian's distributors for many weeks

To make things clearly identifiable - was created so anyone who asks what we did - it's very apparant! Platinum Groove Entertainment was a more general name - covering all aspects of entertainment. is the OFFICIAL DIVISION of PGE owned and operated by the same Founder and CEO
The website of was created in October 2004 << Click to see
PGE is the ultimate independent music entertainment company.
PGE is an independent record label and music distributor with the same direct relationships with Transworld (F.Y.E., Sam Goody, Wherehouse, etc) iTunes, Amazon and Google Music as the MAJOR Labels.
PGE is a full-service management firm to its artists and labels and has had its artists open for major acts in nightclubs, events and large arenas.
January 1, 2012 - launched its new division - a marketing and promotions division to its new clients - nationwide!
PGE Physical Distribution (1999 - 2006)
PGE did exclusive (P&D Deals) pressing + distribution deals to the following independent record labels:
  In alphabetic order:
Cellblock Records (Cali), Chinaman Records (Florida), Chopper Boy Records (Louisiana), Cum Wid It (Cali), DeathStruck Records (Florida), Dub-Dub Records (Utah), Ground Effex Records (Maryland), High-Step Records (Florida), Hit Mob Entertainment (Maryland), Jiggy Jams Entertainment (Florida), M-Dubb Records (Chicago), On The Block Records (Washington State), Outbac Records (Cali), Oz Records (Florida), Togetherness Records (Jamaica / Florida), The Illtip Magazine / Eastside Smokes Records (Arizona), Treal Records (Florida) >> CLICK TO SEE SOME TITLES >> CLICK TO SEE MORE TITLES
This not only included manufacturing and distributing the CDs to all the major record stores (F.Y.E., Sam Goody Wherehouse, Specs, The Wall, Coconuts, Tower, Hastings, Virgin, Borders, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, HMV, Peaches, Grey Whale and many more plus independent mom and pop record stores) but also...
Placement in the listening stations in the record stores.    
Featured in the MUZE stations in the record stores.    
Meredith Kahn, Content Acquisition Manager, Muze, Inc.
During my tenure at Muze, Brian was instrumental in providing diverse music to the database. He was one of our partners at the time. Brian is determined and hard working. I'd highly recommend him for any opportunity that comes along. He's extremely motivated and will always get the job done.
Endcap placement in the record stores.    
Placement in the PGE stands at the store entrances and cash register area in the record stores.    
Advertising inside the store windowboxes    
Setting up meet-n-greet opportunities and getting fliers in the customers hands prior to the group being in the store for the event. Also autographing themselves on the ad for their CD in PGE magazines.    
Shows in malls with stages set up and advertised throught the mall and area. Groups would perform then autograph their CD in the F.Y.E. record store.    
Advertising included
Advertising the titles with in the biggest national magazines >> CLICK TO SEE
Advertising the titles with full page ads in PGE magazines available from the record stores and lots of other unique distribution outlets.
Getting CD reviews in national magazines.
Getting interviews in national magazines
Transition to Digital - iTunes Relationship
In 2006 PGE got a direct label deal with iTunes and put its catalog there for worldwide digital distribution. PGE's iTunes relationship remains in effect today.
Operating its own successful record label with its own distributor.
Visit these links to see!
TOWER RECORDS! - Shows some of the PGE catalog from 1999!
DISCOGS - PGE 12 inch dance music releases from 1997 thru 2000!
PGE became the exclusive distributor of a high-publicity, charting project from the major label EMI.
They already had 236,000 album sales before coming to PGE.
Wiki - Showing EMI - See the original was on EMI
ALL MUSIC - Shows EMI and Capitol Records
ALL MUSIC - Re-Released and distributed on PGE - PlatinumGroove Entertainment
PGE has released exclusive songs from THE biggest names in Hip Hop and been in THE biggest music magazines with the biggest ads since 1999.
>>> Urban Magazine Ads
Also see >>> Dance Music Magazine Ads <<<<
PGE gets prime placement inside retail stores.
PGE advertised it's artists, CD titles, distribution and magazine in the biggest malls with the biggest window lightbox displays.
PGE creates meet and greet tours for it's acts.
PGE books shows, concerts , rents malls and nightclubs for events.
PGE is an entertainment company with a direct relationship with iTunes as an iTunes label. PGE does not go thru anyone or any company to put music there. The CEO, Brian Billionaire, charted on iTunes in 2011 from January thru July and peaked at the #4 spot in the Hip Hop ringtone section and still sells almost every day - worldwide.
A music label and content provider to iTunes. It's CEO sells music worldwide - almost every day! Thank you for your support.
PGE is Direct with the record and movie chain stores including F.Y.E., Specs, Wherehouse Music, Sam Goody, Saturday Matinee, Suncoast Video and more!
NEW: A content provider to Android Market / Google Music. Selling already!
PGE does not go thru anyone or any company to put CDs there or set up meet-n-greets. Brian speaks directly to the decision makers there and has had an amazing ongoing relationship for years.
  Reference from Matt Williams - Marketing Manager Events and Sponsorships, TransWorld Entertainment. TransWorld owns and operates Sam Goody, F.Y.E., Wherehouse Music, Suncoast Video, Saturday Matinee and many more record stores.
  I was able to work with Brian on many projects while I was the Events Manager at Trans World Entertainment. Whether we were setting up artist appearances or promoting one of his two magazines that we carried in our stores, Brian always went the extra mile to make sure his projects were promoted to their full extent and were beneficial to both Trans World and his other partners. Brian was able to use his various projects to support each other and provide excellent exposure for all of his clients. A good example of this was his magazine that was distributed for free in our stores. This allowed Brian to promote his clients to our customers whether they were music related clients, automotive suppliers, jewelry retailers, or even our own stores and websites. His ability to bring together different companies and get them in front of the right customers is excellent. I have never worked with a person who is more determined to make his projects work and ensure that his sponsors or partners get their money's worth. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a highly motivated promotional partner who thinks outside the box. September 27, 2010
Direct with the digital music kiosks "Mix and Burn" offering digital downloads in music stores.
NEW! 2017 - Produced and am on Track 14 (Tonight It's Goin' Down) with Fresh Kid Ice + JT Money
  and distributed the album worldwide.
  This was the final album created and released by Chris Wong Won : Fresh Kid Ice : Chinaman while alive.
2017 Brian Produced . Vocals Featured On . Distributed by
Tonight It's Goin' Down