Founded and runs a Billboard Charting Music Entertainment Company.
Music has sold on iTunes almost EVERYDAY since December 2010.
Charted on iTunes for 26+ weeks peaking in the #4 spot in 2011.
Recently sponsored by Shark Sport Watch in Hong Kong with
  243,000 Facebook Followers. See the page and click for the video.
Internationally-Sponsored Music Producer and Recording Artist.
Internationally-Sponsored Video Editor / Producer.
Nationally-Sponsored Cinematographer.
Nationally--Sponsored Screenwriter.
Produced and worked with these Billboard Charting Artists:
  Disco Rick, Eluv, Fresh Kid Ice (he created the 2 Live Crew),
  JT Money, Lil Suzy. Remixed "This Is How We Do It". Montell Jordan.
Produced, Distributed and worked with the creator of The 2 Live Crew - Fresh Kid Ice / The Chinaman on many projects since 1994.
  After years of releasing projects together, Brian produced and rapped on Chinaman’s final song "Tonight It's Going Down" while Fresh Kid Ice / The Chinaman was alive in 2017.

The last song and final album "Breaking Glass Ceilings" of Fresh Kid Ice / The Chinaman was distributed thru Brian's NewHotMusic.com R.I.P. Chris Wong Won. See more at ChinamanRecords.com

PGE manufactured, distributed + marketed exclusive songs from 2Pac, Biggie, Spice 1, Too Short, E-40, Ginuwine, MC Breed, Mac Mall, Celly Cell, B-Legit, Beenie Man, Mad Cobra, Mr Vegas + more. < View this
Platinum Groove Entertainment (PGE) charted on Billboard for 5 weeks with Face Off II (release 502) in 1999.
  June 19, 1999 #15, June 26, 1999 #8, July 3, 1999 #9, July 10, 1999 #11, July 17 1999 #12 .
  This unfortunately was in the wrong category or it would have done better. It was hip hop / rap - NOT reggae! However, it was the #1 selling CD from Brian's distributors for many weeks.
Platinum Groove Entertainment (PGE) charted on Billboard Hot Dance Breakout with its release of Boxers and Thongs July 19, 2003. Brian went by the stage name DJ X.Travagant at the time.
Signed to 10 record deals.
Secured over 11 distribution deals for himself and his companies.
Current deals : iTunes, Play Store, The Orchard/Sony Music Entertainment, Believe Digital Studios.
When moving to Florida in 1993, Brian heard the song Wiggle Wiggle by Disco Rick (Luke Records) play on every radio station on the drive down to Florida.
  Brian saw the video Wiggle Wiggle playing a lot on The Box TV when he got to Florida!
  As a producer, Brian was looking for record deals and stopped at Vision Records in Miami where he met Disco Rick who was working behind the mixing console there.
  Who is Disco Rick? You'll be shocked! Click here to find out!
  Brian told Rick - WOW - You're the star on the record I heard on the radio all the way down to Florida and in video non-stop on The Box!

Rick asked Brian to show him what he could do with a song idea he had in mind. Brian came back the next day with the song fully produced - Rick looked at Brian in disbelief - how could this be?!?!? - Brian hooked up his SP1200 drum machine to the mixing console at Vision Records and hit play.

  Rick's head started bobbing to the beat - he turned the song up louder and had a huge smile on his face. He then turned the volume to zero. Told Brian - yeah - you got lucky on this one - bet you can't do it again for this other song - no deal today boy!!! Come back when you're ready!!
  Brian came back the very next day and Rick was like - yeah - sure - not possible - but let's give it a listen anyway- Brian repeated the whole process with the same result! Rick loved the song.
  Rick said "let's go white boy" and walked Brian into the CEO's office!
  Brian was signed on the spot and produced 2 albums with singles featuring Disco Rick and also Fresh Kid Ice of the 2 Live Crew on Vision Records.
  Eventually Brian produced Disco Rick, Fresh Kid Ice (The 2 Live Crew) + JT Money - the 3 artists in the video.

In 1992 and 1993 Brian would meet up and coming artists to listen to their demos on Sundays on 53rd Street in NYC and sign and produce who had talent.

  Flash forward to a Sunday in Oct. 2017 while Brian was in NYC - Thrill da Playa - creator of the Multi-Platinum 69 Boyz called Brian to discuss marketing and distributing his project featuring other Multi-Platinum artists thru Brian’s company!
One of Brian’s songs was in a South African movie in 2010 and on a Polish TV show in 2015.
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